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Sarah obtained a BA( hons) in ceramics & 3D design from Wolverhampton University in 2003. She has always been inspired by the natural world & transforming it into artworks, from painting & drawing to three dimensional ceramics. All creature's and forms are constructed by hand from clay. After the final glaze firing, various metals, acrylic, fabric and glass additions are applied. These help create a sense of movement within the creature that would otherwise be impossible due to the rigidity of ceramic. Many aspects of the natural world have inspired her, including colourful plant life, small rodents, reptiles and insects both living and prehistoric. She considers her work to be a modern way of interpreting ceramics, creating fun innovative semi-functional and ornamental art pieces. The majority of the creature's shown below could easily fit onto the palm of your hand. Sarah currently has a number of creature's in stock if there are any species you are interested in purchasing don't hesitate to contact her.

painting ocelli.jpg


Sarah's painting are inspired by many things from nature, landscapes, sci-fi to art deco. Sarah studied fine art intensely whilst studying art at A level. She is an active member of Take 13 a women arts group who exhibit thought the year at many venues in the UK.

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